Halloween crime horror

By Stuart Forbes

Lewisham police are contending with a deluge of crime accompanying the Halloween and bonfire night period – and it’s not over yet.

Saturday’s annual fireworks spectacular at Blackheath is the traditional climax to a week the police say is one of the busiest in their calendar.

“When it comes to crime, Halloween and bonfire week is by far the worst of the festival periods, much worse than Christmas or Easter,” said a Scotland Yard spokesperson.


Incidences of street-crime, anti-social behaviour and burglary consistently increase at this time every year, prompting police to bring in new measures to better protect the public during the week.

The Scotland Yard spokesperson said the rise in crime is “…probably due to the large numbers of young people out on the street.” He went on to tell Platform readers not to worry, as serious crime is a much bigger problem when the sun is shining:

“This time of year’s pretty bad for street-crime, but the summer months are when we get the murders – probably something to do with people being outside all of the time.”


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