Nature’s workout

By Abhijeet Ahluwalia

An innovative new volunteer group is offering Lewisham residents the chance to keep fit and help nature at the same time.

Nature’s Gym, a scheme developed by Lewisham Council in conjunction with Glendale Grounds Management, allows volunteers to assist in conservation activities, which also provide a physical workout.


“Nature’s Gym involves taking part in conservation activities in the Lewisham’s parks and also in nature reserves that are normally closed to the public,” explained Jessica Rushton, Nature Conservation officer for the council.

The idea was inspired by the Green Gym programme run by BTCV, a conservation charity.

Local resident Tim Lund praised the programme saying: “The session was quite fun and its nice meeting new people.

“With my background as a member of a self-managed allotment association, this feels like a successful solution to having the council and volunteers working in partnership to keep costs down,” he added.

Nature’s Gym sessions take place every Thursday, and once a month on a Saturday from 11:00-14:00 GMT. 


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