Hip-hop star launches self-help book

By Sylvia Rowley


A member of So Solid Crew has launched a new self-help guide for young black people. The DJ and Producer known as Swiss signed copies of his book, Spot the Difference, in Elephant and Castle on Wednesday.

Dressed in a smart white shirt and black trousers, Swiss, Pierre Neil, said he wrote the book to help youngsters avoid ‘becoming victims of their negative surroundings.’

“I could easily have ended up dealing drugs or in prison,” he said. Other members of his infamous south London hip-hop collective have been convicted of a litany of offences including gun possession and assault.

“My book shows young people how to take control of their inner thoughts and how to change their behaviour. We can all take responsibility for our lives,’ he said.

The launch is part of a series of events at London College of Communications (LCC) to celebrate the history of UK hip hop.

Swiss said: “Hip-hop is a massive part of south London’s culture and it can have a really positive influence on young people. It gives them a role, an outlet, a community.”

“But we need to take hip hop back to its essence, which is about self expression not just rapping about girls, guns and being flashy.”

Dozens of people attended the signing, including KMC, a radio DJ for Genesis Radio, who came out to support the work of Swiss.  I’m here is because there’s a lot of positive work being done between hip hop and communities and artists,” he said. “We’re not getting the support, media interest or financial backing so I’m here to support it through my radio station.”

An exhibition of historic hip-hop flyers and photos will run at the Upper Street Gallery at LCC until November 15th.


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