Jailed for squeezing policeman’s testicles


By Ceiri O’Driscoll

img_9109There was laughter from the dock as a man was charged for squeezing a policeman’s testicles and then punching him in the face.

Miles Bright, 22, of Brent Road, Greenwich, grinned as his offence was described to Greenwich Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Police had been called to deal with a domestic dispute between Bright and his girlfriend in their home, the prosecution told Judge Dennis Lynch. Two officers arrived on the scene and were let into the house by Bright. The police spoke to the couple for less than a minute before Bright launched his attack on one of them.

“Bright grabbed the policeman’s testicles and the officer screamed out in pain,” said Ebu Zoame for the prosecution. “It was then that the defendant chortled and punched the officer in the face.”

Defence lawyer Samuel Thompson said that the nature of the assault was not serious. “The policeman in question did not suffer much pain, just discomfort,” he said.

Bright had not been prosecuted for the original domestic dispute, the defence continued. “His guilty plea at an earlier hearing in October should also be taken as evidence of his cooperation with this court.”

The prosecution told the court Bright had two previous convictions for actual bodily harm and assault. The defendant had failed to attend two opportunities for unpaid work earlier in the year, handed to him by Greenwich Magistrate’s Court.

Dependency on alcohol or drugs could have motivated the attack, and the defence asked for an adjournment to assess this. “Let’s please look at these issues to see if they are at the bottom of this violence,” Thompson said. “It would be a shame to hand a custodial sentence to such a young, outgoing and cheerful man.”

However Judge Lynch quickly replied: “I can see that he is a cheerful young man. He needs to wipe the smile off of his face.”

The Judge sentenced Bright to twelve weeks in jail, to hisses and jeers from the public gallery. “You clearly think that grabbing an officer’s testicles is amusing,” he said. “I am not going to adjourn this case. You have shown little, if any, remorse and the punch showed your desire for a sustained assault on the police officer.

“You can share your amusement with the prison officers,” Lynch concluded to the defendant. “You are going down for twelve weeks.”


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