Deptford film festival


By Enjoli Liston

Deptford Poster - new final

Avid film-makers and film-goers from south-east London braved the miserable weather on Saturday afternoon, to attend the third annual Deptford Film Festival.

The event, which showcases local talent, was hosted in the studios of Deptford based independent production company Spectrecom.

Over 25 short animations, dramas and documentaries ranging between three and twenty minutes in duration were shown to a packed audience over the course of the day.

Managing Director of Spectrecom Andrew Greener said the event was “everything we had hoped it would be”. He explained: “For a small, local film festival we had more than sixty people come along, which is quite an achievement, especially on such a cold, wet day.”

One of the highlights of the festival was The Escort, the directorial debut by Claire Holman from Forest Hill, who has also acted in TV hits Midsummer Murders. “The level of professionalism in production stood out and it certainly excited the most comment,” said Greener.

The festival, which is supported by Film London and the UK Film Council, was initially set up to allow up-and-coming film-makers to receive constructive praise or criticism from their peers, and to give them a forum for networking.

However, many members of the public now attend. This year Spectrecom also provided free short sessions on film editing. Filmmakers also held brief question and answer sessions after screenings.

Apart from the films, it seems the venue itself was just as much of a hit with the audience. “We had a lot of positive feedback,” added Greener, “and strangely a lot of it was about the quality of our projection equipment!”





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