Party at New Cross housing co-op


By Ceiri O’Driscoll

nunoThe UK’s first purpose-built housing co-op is celebrating recent improvements by hosting a party on Saturday.

Residents of the Sanford Co-operative in New Cross have been busily making preparations for the art and music event. The group have built a bike shed from old railway sleepers and a stage made of earth for bands and poetry recitals.

Nuno Brito, 26, is a music student and has lived in the Sanford Co-op for a year. “The new space is going to be great for socialising,” he said. “The Sanford parties have been going on for about 30 years. They’re famous amongst the locals and we get a lot of support from around the area.”

Founded in 1974, Sanford is owned by its residents, who paid £1 each for shares in the co-op when they moved in. Decisions are made by committee and the ethos of the co-operative is mutually beneficial living with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly values.  

At this weekend’s party, art created by residents will be exhibited in the street and in their brand new kitchens which were also part of the renovation project. Meanwhile bands and musicians from the Co-op will play to partygoers on the newly built stage.

“The party is also celebrating Sanford’s C60 project, cutting our carbon emissions by 60 per cent,” said Brito. “My band, The Impossible, will be playing. Everybody is absolutely welcome. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”


Take a tour around The Sanford Housing Co-op


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