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City workers turn to religion

By Enjoli Liston


Desperate city slickers hit by the recession will be turning to God to answer their economic prayers this Christmas, according to the Dean of Southwark Cathedral. Continues


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Wii keeps kids fit at the Damilola Taylor community centre


By Enjoli Liston                                                                            

Southwark kids keep fit on the Wii

As the winter nights draw in, it’s not surprising many kids are keen to abandon outdoor sports for computer games. 

In a groundbreaking new initiative, Southwark Council is using sports simulation games on the Nintendo Wii console to encourage children to take up the same activities in real life.

continues with video…

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Mental health charity threatened by eviction

By Vanessa Kortekaas


CoolTan Arts, a mental health charity in Southwark is under threat from a landlord who intends to demolish part of the charity’s building on Tuesday. Continues…

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Asylum seekers face hungry Christmas

By Ana Naomi de Sousa

Desperate families of asylum seekers need donations or risk facing a cold and hungry Christmas.

The Lewisham Refugee Network (LRN) is appealing urgently for donations for asylum seekers and their families who have no way of supporting themselves.


With their current level of donations, LRN provide 10 packages per week. As 25 families depend on them they are only able to provide each with food on alternate weeks. “It’s so difficult telling a mother of three that there’s no food for her this week because we have run out. It shouldn’t be like that, ” said Jasintha Ngobefa, a qualified nurse who now works full time at LRN.

Continued: “We want them to have a real Christmas”

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