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Youth rep speaks out at knife crime meeting


By Lena de Casparis

“A wall of silence” prevents dialogue between young people and politicians, a Peckham youth representative told The Platform after speaking at a home affairs select committee on Monday.


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Wii keeps kids fit at the Damilola Taylor community centre


By Enjoli Liston                                                                            

Southwark kids keep fit on the Wii

As the winter nights draw in, it’s not surprising many kids are keen to abandon outdoor sports for computer games. 

In a groundbreaking new initiative, Southwark Council is using sports simulation games on the Nintendo Wii console to encourage children to take up the same activities in real life.

continues with video…

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Goldsmiths students protest £200 million cuts

By Louise Ridley

education-demo-2Fifty students from Goldsmiths college, University of London, will march to the steps of Parliament today in an emergency demonstration called in response to the ‘shock’ loss of £200 million in funding for student grants. Continues…

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Hip-hop star launches self-help book

By Sylvia Rowley


A member of So Solid Crew has launched a new self-help guide for young black people. The DJ and Producer known as Swiss signed copies of his book, Spot the Difference, in Elephant and Castle on Wednesday. Continues…

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Peckham talent showcased at literary festival

By Enjoli Liston


The second annual Peckham Literary Festival will begin on Monday November 17, showcasing local writing talent through 15 free events held over six days. Continues…

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Teachers call off strike

By Louise Ridley


Teachers in the UK will not strike next week despite voting ‘yes’ to industrial action, in a move that may reflect the difficulties of campaigning in economic recession. 

The ballot of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) was won by a slim majority of 52% after 200,000 members of the union were asked if they wanted to strike over fair pay. 

Meeting on Wednesday, the NUT executive decided not to take action, stating that they felt the union might be divided by a call to strike based on such a slim majority. 

Martin Powell-Davies, Lewisham NUT Secretary, said he feared the decision would reinforce the idea that workers have to “tighten their belts” to pay for the economic crisis. 

“We are the victims of the crisis. Lewisham NUT will continue to campaign to defend public sector workers’ living standards, and to improve conditions for teachers and students,” he said.

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Students bite phishing bait

By Louise Ridley

Internet scammers have stolen thousands of pounds from debt-ridden local students, The Platform can reveal.

Over the last month, six students from Goldsmiths college, New Cross, lost a total of £8505 when they responded to emails claiming to be from the Student Loans Company (SLC) requesting their bank details.

42-16728069The fake mail – a form of identity-theft known as ‘phishing’ – allowed cyber con artists to access bank accounts and stole thousands in student loan installments.

A SLC spokesperson said: “We believe that the phishing emails were sent on September 10.” He continued: “As soon as we were made aware of the incident, we contacted the company hosting the site and asked them to take it down.” The website has since been removed.

Continued: SLC targeted second time

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