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City workers turn to religion

By Enjoli Liston


Desperate city slickers hit by the recession will be turning to God to answer their economic prayers this Christmas, according to the Dean of Southwark Cathedral. Continues


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Skeletons found under school


By Enjoli Liston

graveyard2_nunheadcemetry_hannesbuhrmann1Thousands of human skeletons found under a Walworth school have been exhumed and moved to a cemetery in Essex – where they will serve as a windbreak.

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Deptford film festival


By Enjoli Liston

Deptford Poster - new final

Avid film-makers and film-goers from south-east London braved the miserable weather on Saturday afternoon, to attend the third annual Deptford Film Festival.


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Wii keeps kids fit at the Damilola Taylor community centre


By Enjoli Liston                                                                            

Southwark kids keep fit on the Wii

As the winter nights draw in, it’s not surprising many kids are keen to abandon outdoor sports for computer games. 

In a groundbreaking new initiative, Southwark Council is using sports simulation games on the Nintendo Wii console to encourage children to take up the same activities in real life.

continues with video…

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Peckham talent showcased at literary festival

By Enjoli Liston


The second annual Peckham Literary Festival will begin on Monday November 17, showcasing local writing talent through 15 free events held over six days. Continues…

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Police head back to school

By Enjoli Liston chris-musselwhite-left

Every police officer in Southwark will return to the classroom to be taught by a team of under-21s on how to conduct stop and search measures more sensitively.

Chief Superintendent Shirley Tulloch, the deputy borough commander for Southwark, announced that over 900 police officers will take part in the educational sessions from January, after a pilot lesson earlier in the year had proved a ‘great success’.

The Young Advisors charity allows 15-21 year olds to show local leaders how to engage young people in community life, and over the past three months the nine member Southwark team has collected data from their peers about their feelings on stop and search tactics.

Police stop and search powers have long been a matter for debate, with critics saying they allow police to use prejudices to inform their judgements on whom to search. However, the Metropolitan Police felt it necessary to extend these powers recently in an attempt to reduce stabbing-related deaths in the capital. Continued: Young black men feel particularly affected

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Historic pub turns new page

by Enjoli Liston

From barrow boys to brokers, sausage-makers to solicitors: 120 loyal punters of one of Southwark’s oldest pubs have been photographed for a commemorative book to mark its impending closure. 

Over 750 people came to The Wheatsheaf pub opposite Borough Market on Wednesday night, to celebrate the book’s launch – and to raise their glasses in fond farewell as the boozer will soon be bulldozed to make way for a Network Rail expansion project. 

wheatsheafextpub-11The pub has attracted a wide range of customers over the years since it’s so close to the city and right next to the capital’s famous food market. It’s this diversity that local photographer and Wheatsheaf regular John Ross wanted to capture and celebrate in the book titled RIP The Wheatsheaf – Portrait of a Pub’, which manager Danny Campbell called the “perfect tribute” to its spirit. 

Continued: “We want to go out with a bang”

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