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Veganism on the rise

By Mei-Ling McNamara

dsc_03831It’s official: veganism is the new vegetarianism.  A growing trend that shuns eating animal-sourced products is gaining momentum this month in a national awareness campaign. Continues…


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More Lewisham parents seeking MMR vaccine

By Ciaran McCauley


Cases of measles are falling and uptake of the MMR vaccination is on the rise in Lewisham, it has been revealed this week. The unpopularity of the MMR jab had led to sky-rocketing levels of measles in recent years, with Lewisham one of the worst affected areas. Continues…

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‘Fuel poverty trap’ threatens Southwark carers

By Leo Hornak

 carer1-courtesy-of-gateshead-crossroads-carers2A Southwark charity criticized the council’s approach to carers for elderly or disabled, saying it encourages a ‘fuel poverty trap’. This week Southwark Carers contacted every councilor about challenges they face in the coming winter, as part of their “Making the Most of Your Money” campaign, launched this month. Continues…

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Mental health charity threatened by eviction

By Vanessa Kortekaas


CoolTan Arts, a mental health charity in Southwark is under threat from a landlord who intends to demolish part of the charity’s building on Tuesday. Continues…

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Nature’s workout

By Abhijeet Ahluwalia

An innovative new volunteer group is offering Lewisham residents the chance to keep fit and help nature at the same time.

Nature’s Gym, a scheme developed by Lewisham Council in conjunction with Glendale Grounds Management, allows volunteers to assist in conservation activities, which also provide a physical workout.


“Nature’s Gym involves taking part in conservation activities in the Lewisham’s parks and also in nature reserves that are normally closed to the public,” explained Jessica Rushton, Nature Conservation officer for the council.

Continued: Locals impressed by programme

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Complaining made easy

By Abhijeet Ahluwalia

An innovative electronic patient feedback system is being piloted by Lewisham hospitals in an effort to improve services and drive up standards.

The pilot project supplies patients with handheld devices called Patient Experience Trackers (PETs), slightly bigger than a palmtop computer, which allows patients to give feedback anonymously.


The PETs allow hospitals and trusts to gather feedback easily on a day-to-day basis, collated and analysed independently. The service has been successfully employed in a number of hospitals across the country.

However, under the current pilot project PETs will only be used to gather feedback from nursing and speech therapy. The project runs until 2011, when PETs will be introduced into other services as well.

Joan Walsh, policy, research and campaign manager at health research group the Picker Institute, described PETs as “a valuable source of useful information and feedback from patients. No single method is perfect obviously, but we use PETs ourselves.”

(Photo credit: http://www.lewishampct.nhs.uk)

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