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HIV majority neglected

nytimesBy Sylvia Rowley and Ciaran McCauley

The health of black Africans living in Lewisham could be compromised because of a lack of HIV prevention services from health authorities, The Platform can reveal. Continues…


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Chaplin’s colourful childhood documented

BFIBy Paul Campbell

A young and desperate Charlie Chaplin planted a row of pennies in a Southwark field, hoping to grow enough money to feed his poor family, according to a new book released this week. Continues…

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Saving Southwark’s sparrows

Leo HornakBy Leo Hornak

Sparrow Watch, a month-long program to highlight the dramatic decline in London’s bird population, drew to a close this week at Southwark’s Bernie Spain Gardens – but for bird-lovers the fight to save the species is far from over. Continues…

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An utter waste of good rubbish

By Miranda Bryant

Lorry loads of domestic waste collected for recycling by Lewisham households are being incinerated because of minor incidents of contamination, The Platform can exclusively reveal.

Veolia, the firm contracted to handle the borough’s recycling, is routinely sending lorries away from its centre in Plumstead, because they don’t have the facility to remove unsuitable items.

RecycleA source at Greenwich council told The Platform that a stray morsel of food in a single bag of recycling is enough to break the strict criteria applied by the private contractor, employed by both councils, leaving them no choice but to burn it.

She said: “If the wrong items are collected from the street and they’re brought to the recycling centre, then the whole lorry is sent away so we have to be very careful. It happens frequently.”

Veolia did not deny the claims, but refused to elaborate on how often such incidents occur. Terry Dickenson, a senior supervisor at the firm said: “We don’t pass that sort of information on.” Continued: Revelation yet another blow to green campaigners

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Police head back to school

By Enjoli Liston chris-musselwhite-left

Every police officer in Southwark will return to the classroom to be taught by a team of under-21s on how to conduct stop and search measures more sensitively.

Chief Superintendent Shirley Tulloch, the deputy borough commander for Southwark, announced that over 900 police officers will take part in the educational sessions from January, after a pilot lesson earlier in the year had proved a ‘great success’.

The Young Advisors charity allows 15-21 year olds to show local leaders how to engage young people in community life, and over the past three months the nine member Southwark team has collected data from their peers about their feelings on stop and search tactics.

Police stop and search powers have long been a matter for debate, with critics saying they allow police to use prejudices to inform their judgements on whom to search. However, the Metropolitan Police felt it necessary to extend these powers recently in an attempt to reduce stabbing-related deaths in the capital. Continued: Young black men feel particularly affected

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Kiddie coup at Southwark Council

By Vanessa Kortekaas

takeover-day2Southwark kids are taking control of the council for a day, as part of the ‘11 Million Takeover Day Campaign’ aimed at empowering young people.

Seven children from the Junior Street Leaders are targeting ‘enviro-crimes’ alongside senior members of the council’s environment and housing department.

They will conduct a visual audit of the borough and report their findings to the council’s Chief Executive Annie Shepperd over lunch today.

“The inclusion of young people is part and parcel of what we do everyday, we’re combining this with the national campaign,” said Lorraine Hutchings, Communications Manager from the Safer Southwark Partnership.

Daniel Mazliah from the council said: “We’re totally committed to helping young people get involved in the community so they take pride in where they live.”

Today marks the second ‘11 Million Takeover Day’,  involving 10,000 children who are taking over 500 organizations nationwide, including schools, police forces, charities, and local authorities.

(Photo credit: hullcc.gov.uk)

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