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By Vanessa Kortekaas

img_00131Obama mania swept across southeast London in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as Barack Obama was declared the first black president of the United States.

Southwark residents at the Anchor pub cheered as the results came in. “This will change the face of politics,” said James Harvey, 23. “We’ve got a mixed race chap who’s fulfilled the American dream. People here are getting the feeling that things are changing.”

Rosie Mcleod, a 25-year-old social researcher, said: “I think he holds the promise of inspiration. This makes me want to re-engage with the US.”

Less impressed with the results was James Hadden, a chartered surveyor. He said: “This is nuts. Obama is too young and inexperienced. I don’t really care [about the results] but I do think black people everywhere will suddenly be in favour of the US.” Continued: How Obama’s win will influence UK’s grass-root politics


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